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Last updated: 1 Oct 13

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals and groups for their input into making RAF-Lincolnshire.info the most accurate portal to the RAF in Lincolnshire as possible. Feedback in the form of emailed comments, corrections, triv, reminiscences etc are what act as a healthy balance to what has been added to the site.

This list also include attribution to a variety of copyright holders of original works, such as photographs, oral history and historical reference books and websites, who have kindly granted a limited permission to incorporate parts of their research or work within RAF-Lincolnshire.info. These are also attributed individually on each page, where appropriate.

If you believe that you are the copyright holder of any material found anywhere on this site, and it has been included without your permission, please identify this fact to the webmaster and we will endeavour to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

BBC WW2 People's War

WW2 People's War is an online archive of wartime memories contributed by members of the public and gathered by the BBC. The archive can be found at bbc.co.uk/ww2peopleswar. Personal histories from People's War can be found across the website and are attributed individually.

Oct 2013

Edward Chilvers provided a copy of a narrative written by his grandmother Iris Burgess who was a WAAF at RAF Manby.

Sep 2013

Tony Elliott provided information about personnel at RAF Faldingworth in 1971.

Apr 2013

Andy Richards for detail and photos about his father who spent a year with 1 AAS at RAF Manby and who lost his best friend in Hampden L4111 crash near Digby.

Jan 2013

Alan Young for permission to reproduce a map from his website Disused Stations relating to Market Stainton Forward Ammunition Depot.

Dec 2012

David Swallow for an updated link to the 166 Sqn Association website.

Nov 2012

May 2012

Brin Hawkins for detail about life with 85 Sqn B Flt at RAF North Coates.

John Hicklin for information about RAF Orby remaining open after 1945 to train radar engineers.

Peter White for information about his father's time as CO of RAF Theddlethorpe.

Jan 2012

Tony Cunnane for permission to reproduce an extract from his own website about his time at RAF Normanby.

Dec 2011

Tony Glover for detail of the crash of 2 FTS's K7469 at RAF Digby.

Oct 2011

Roy Ballard for details of his memory of RAF Hemswell in 1956/57 and RAF Normanby transmitters.

Jane Long for photographs of her grandfather Harold V Sinclair stationed at RAF Kirton-in-Lindsey in 1942.

Paul Weber for information on a site dedicated to his uncle Wilfred Earl Weber and the crew of Lancaster ME320, 170 Sqn.

Sep 2011

Kevin Blaine for providing some details about the layout and makeup of the ranges at RAF Theddlethorpe in the 1970s.

Aug 2011

Dai Bevan for a selection of photographs from her late mother's collection featuring RAF Skellingthorpe in 1942.

Jul 2011

David Reid for details of the Waltham Windmill Rural history museum which focuses on 100 Sqn.

May 2011

Mick Blakeman for his detailed account of the RAF Cranwell football team from 1920 until the late 1930s.

March 2011

Malcolm Fish for recollections and photographs of his mother LACW Joan Hatchett from her time at RAF Metheringham.

Feb 2011

David Lingard for correct details on the move - via hard RAF bus seats! - of HQ 24 Gp from RAF Spitalgate.

Dec 2010

Ken Garner for corrections to 617 Sqn's tenure at RAF Binbrook.

Oct 2010

Brian Reece Bevan for details of RAF Strubby in 1957, particularly the Canberra/Aries record-breaking journey from London-Tokyo via the North Pole.

Sep 2010

Peter Winning for details of the Sutton Bridge memorial.

Aug 2010

Brian Farr provided details of the Hurricane L1954 crash from 504 Sqn at RAF Digby

May 2010

Roger Thomas for details of National Heritage reports on the Stenigot site.

Nov 2009

Robin Heron for getting in touch and enabling the memoir of her mid-upper gunner grandfather, The Airborne Years - J A Campbell, to be added to RAF-Lincolnshire.info in its 131 page entirety.

Feb 2009. Dave Thompson for detail on Normanby transmitters in the 1960s.

Jan 2009.

Vic Croft for detail on 12 GCA at RAF Strubby in the late 1940s.

Les Featherstone for information relating to a Vampire crash from RAF Manby.

Oct 2008

David Charlesworth for information on Killingholme's hangars.

Edward Crumb for info on the first Lancaster into ops?

Sep 2008. Chris Fixter for details of a record attempt at Wigsley.

Jul 2008. Chris Boyd for correcting details on the arrest of Douglas Brittain at 399SU.

Jun 2008. Bob Macpherson for details of service history at RAF Digby.

Mar 2008. Maureen Wheelhouse for information on her uncle, Wireless Operator Denis Sharpe.

Oct 2007.

Malcolm Swan for information on 58 MU.

Chris Brown for early details on 12 Sqn.

Roy Redmayne for the circumstances of his uncle Douglas's death wile serving with 83 Sqn.

Sep 2007.

Peter Raby for information about the Mobile Oxygen Plant at RAF Faldingworth.

R Scholefield for details of 613 Sqn at Wellingore.

May 2007.

To Ken Day for a selection of historical documents relating to his late father, Sgt E K Day of 625 Sqn.

Kate Davies, Tourism Assistant North Kesteven District Council for new opening times of the Cranwell Aviation Heritage Centre.

Apr 2007.

Jack Clegg for further details on RAF Nocton Hall.

Deane Goldsack for details of 486 Sqn RNZAF.

Dennis Croft for details on 149 Sqn at RAF Coningsby.

Feb 2007. 'Woolley' for 111 Sqn titbits.

Dec 2006. Mike Melnick (webmaster of 39 Tiger Squadron unofficial website) for filling in the details about 439 Sqn RCAF.

Nov 2006. Paddy Ryan for correcting an error about 101 Sqn's location.

Sep 2006.

Tim Wingham for details of RAF Fulbeck's control tower being demolished.

David Williams for some information on the Great Limber Q-site decoy airfield.

Aug 2006.

Bill Laughton for pointing out the absence of 228 OCU, 6 and 54 Sqns!

Martin Nichols for letting me know about his comprehensive Fiskerton Airfield site.

July 2006.

Beryl & Terry Dennett for details of the Ambares memorial to the crew of L4129 from 49 Sqn.

Trevor Mandeville for advice that 409 TFS had reformed in Canada.

Mike Farmer for pointing out that 101 Sqn should have been at Waddington not Scampton.

May 2006.

Alan Puncher for details on 85 Sqn and 100 Sqn.

Roy Lambeth for an anecdote about 12 Sqn.

Mar 2006.

Jon Hipkins for an update on the continued existence of 443 (Hornet) Sqn RCAF.

Les Olszewski for historical photos of 300 (Polish) Sqn.

Charmaine Finch for a 1940 photo of ETS course 134B at RAFC Cranwell.

Jan 2006. Krzysztof Mruk for details on 305 (Polish) Sqn aircraft.

Nov 2005. Dick Halsey for information on 112 Sqn and Bloodhound.

Oct 2005. Donald Smith, RAF Marine Craft Historian, for advice on Marine Craft and the history of 22 ASRU and 1110 MCU.

Jul 2005.

Wilf Hodgkinson for pointing out some inaccuracies and providing clarification on Morton Hall.

Terry Turner for details of 1950s flying activity at RAF Kirton in Lindsey

Jun 2005. David Wright for details of a website on BRM motor racing at RAF Folkingham.

Mar 2005.

John Grech for clarification on 43 Aero Squadron

Richard Norris for an update on the QRA sheds at Binbrook and the Lightning Preservation Group.

Feb 2005. Yoshiwara.org.uk for permission to reproduce a selection of their photographs from a number of Lincolnshire airfields on the site

Jan 2005. Keith Coldron of 50/61 Sqns Association for updated information on RAF Skellingthorpe memorials.

Dec 2004. Mr Phillip Evans for photographs of 44 (Rhodesia) Sqn memorials in Dunhome Church and at RAF Waddington.

Nov 2004. Mr Peter Johnson, webmaster of the 467 and 463 Sqn RAAF site, pointed out some glaring inaccuracies on the 463 Sqn page.

Jul 04


Old Airfields for permission to use their photographs of a number of Lincolnshire airfields on the site.

Jun 2004. Lt Tom Goldie CAF for some details on 415 Sqn RCAF.

May 2004. Mr Ted Cachart, ex-49 Sqn (1943/44) for some dates relating to 49 Sqn, and a tip about a 49 Sqn book.

Apr 2004. Don Clark, webmaster of the excellent 211 Sqn historical website for comments on 211 Sqn and RAF Spitalgate.

Mar 2004. John Nicholls of the Airfield Research Group for general comments.

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