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Updated: 6 Feb 19

The list below is compiled from Squadron or Station Associations, officially sanctioned or otherwise, whose details have become known during the compilation of RAF-Lincolnshire.info or who details have been submitted by association members. To update the listings please contact the webmaster.

Squadron or Station Association website & date last confirmed Email Contact
Royal Air Forces Association http://www.rafa.org.uk/ - -
V(AC) Sqn RAF Bob Riste (01522 794035) briste@btinternet.com  
6 Sqn http://fly.to/sixsqnasso - -
8 Squadron RAF http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~8sqnwad/association.html - -
9 Squadron RAF http://www.association.9sqn.co.uk/ association.sec@9sqn.co.uk -
XXV(F) Squadron RAF http://www.25squadron.org.uk/ - -
49 Sqn RAF http://www.49Squadron.co.uk/ - -
50 Sqn RAF      
61 Sqn RAF      
97 Squadron RAF http://www.97squadronassociation.co.uk/intro.html Des@desandjean.freeserve.co.uk -
100 Sqn RAF http://www.100squadronassociation.org.uk/    
103 Squadron RAF http://elshamwolds.50g.com/association1.html - -
150 Squadron RAF http://www.perth.igs.net/~long/ - -
166 Squadron RAF http://raf166squadron.com/ - updated 6 Feb 19 - -
213 Squadron RAF http://www.213squadronassociation.homestead.com/ info@213squadron.net -
550 Squadron RAF http://www.www.550squadronassociation.org.uk/ - -
576 Squadron RAF http://elshamwolds.50g.com/association1.html - -
617 Squadron RAF http://www.lancastermuseum.ca/squadron617.html
(617 Squadron Aircrew Association
- North America)
- -
RAF Binbrook Signals Squadron Association Details can be obtained by contacting the Secretary - T E Merriman, 55 Woodlands, Harrow, Middlesex HA2 6EJ
RAF Elsham Wolds http://elshamwolds.50g.com/association1.html - -
RAF Hemswell http://www.rafhemswell.org.uk/ RAF Hemswell Association -
RAF Hibaldstow Contact details via this website. View the local page
RAF Ingham RAF Ingham Heritage Group currently developing a new centre at the airfield, due to open in summer 2014. Enquiries@rafingham.co.uk  -
RAF Kirton in Lindsey      
RAF Metheringham http://www.macla.co.uk/meth/fma.htm - -
RAF Swinderby RAF SWINDERBY 1947 - 1993 sqxraf@tiscali.co.uk  
Lightning Association http://www.lightning.org.uk/ - -
Lightning Preservation Group http://www.lightnings.org.uk/ - -

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