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Updated: 28 May 07

Service life has always been peppered with acronyms and abbreviations. The list below should serve to help you through those used on the site in the interests of brevity. If we have missed any out, please let us know.

Abbreviation Explanation
AASF Part of the Advanced Air Strike Force
AFC Australian Flying Corps
AFU Advanced Flying Unit
AI Air Intercept (Radar)
ASRU Air Sea Rescue Unit
AVM Air Vice-Marshall
BAF Belgian Air Force
BDT Bomber Defence Training
CAP Combat Air Patrol
Chf Tech / CT Chief Technician
Cpl Corporal
ERFTS Elementary and Reserve Flying Training School
Fg Off Flying Officer
Flt Flight
Flt Lt Flight Lieutenant
Flt Sgt / FS Flight Sergeant
FTS Flying Training School
Gp Capt Group Captain
HAS Hardened Aircraft Shelter
HCU Heavy Conversion Unit
LFS Lancaster Finishing School

Motor Anti-Submarine Boat

OCTU Officer Cadet Training Unit
OCU Operational Conversion Unit
OTU Operational Training Unit
PFF Path Finder Force
PRU Photographic Reconnaissance Unit
QRA Quick Reaction Alert
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
RFC Royal Flying Corps
RLG Relief Landing Ground
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
RS Reserve Squadron
SFTS Service Flying Training School
Sgt Sergeant
Sqn Squadron
Sqn Ldr Squadron Leader
TCC Troop Carrier Command
TCG Troop Carrier Group
Trg Training
TDS Training Depot Station
TS Training School, Training Squadron
TW Training Wing
USAAF US Army Air Force
Wg Cdr Wing Commander
WO Warrant Officer
WRAF Women's Royal Air Force

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