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Updated: 4 Oct 06

Memorials can be seen in Great Steeping All Saints Church and at the airfield itself. The 207 Sqn Association commemorated an airfield memorial on 25 Aug 01 :: click here

There is a pub near RAF Spilsby which pays tribute to 44 Sqn.

Pub near RAF Spilsby dedicated to 207 Sqn and 44 Sqn
RAF Spilsby airfield site memorial to 207 Sqn
 RAF Spilsby airfield site memorial to 207 Sqn
Pub near RAF Spilsby dedicated to 207 Sqn and 44 Sqn RAF Spilsby airfield site memorial to 207 Sqn RAF Spilsby airfield site memorial to 207 Sqn

Some photographs appear with kind permission of Mr Phillip Evans. Some photographs appear by kind permission of Mark Burrell and can be viewed, together with many more photographs of this and other Lincolnshire airfields at lincolnshireairfields.fotopic.net

first photo >>


location of RAF Spilsbyin relation to Lincolnshire - click here for full-size map showing all station locations

RAF Spilsby photos

RAF Spilsby memorials

Buy an aerial photo of RAF Spilsby on GetMapping.com

RAF Spilsby site information panel

RAF Spilsby history website

Photographs and airfield plan on friskney.com

RAF Spilsby on ControlTowers.co.uk

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