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Updated : 9 Mar 2004

A selection of books relating to 103 Squadron history, bases and operations.

Aircraft Reference Books



The Lives of Ken Wallis - Engineer and Aviator Extraordinaire (Ian Hancock)

This 156-page story of a wartime pilot and latter-day inventor is almost unbelievable. It does, however, provide great account of one individual pilot from 103 Sqn and his war and subsequent employment.
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Journeys Into Night (Don Charlwood)

Autobiographical tale of the author's enlistment in the RAAF, training as a navigator in Canada and operations with 103 Sqn at Elsham Wolds from Sep 1942 to Apr 1943. Published in 1991. 273 pages.
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No Moon Tonight (Don Charlwood)

From the same author as Journeys into Night, autobiographical account of a tour of duty in Bomber Command and operations with 103 Sqn at Elsham Wolds.
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If The Flak Doesn't Get You Then The Fighters Will (Brian Stoker )

Brian Stoker was a 103 Sqn navigator in 1942/43 and was later awarded a Distinguished Flying Cross. Published in 1995.
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No Flying Without Wings (Colin Bayliss)

Colin Bayliss was a 103 Sqn bomber cerw member. His Lancaster was shot down over France in December 1942 and he was the sole survivor. After attempting to get back to England he was arrested by the Gestapo, spending 2 years in German prison camps. At the start of 1945 he travelled across Czechoslovakia and southern Germany before meeting liberating forces.

Evader: The Classic True Story of Escape and Evasion Behind Enemy Lines (Denys Teare)

An account of the ordeal of 103 Sqn bomber pilot Denys Teare, who was a fugitive from the Germans in occupied France for 12 months. Describes his experiences as a British airman and member of the French Resistance living under the terror of the Nazis. Denys Teare was the first British Airman to be rescued by the Comete escape line. 256 pages in paperback.
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Ticket to Freedom (Herbert J Spiller)

A 103 Sqn Halifax navigator, Herbert Spiller was also rescued by the Comete escape line, like Denys Teare had been before him.
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Squadron History

Black Swan: A History of 103 Squadron RAF (Sid Finn)

Sid Finn was based at RAF Elsham Wolds during World War II. This tome covers the history of 103 Sqn during WWI and WWII. 352 pages in hardback.
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Station History


General Historical Reference

The Bomber Command Handbook (Jonathan Falconer)

Who decided the policy? Why, when and where were the airfields built? How was the overall command structure organized, from the Air Council down to individual squadron level? How did the RAF train its bomber crews? What aircraft did they fly and what weapons did they use? Who were their commanders and who were the men that made up the rank-and-rifle of the Command? How was a raid planned and once it was launched what happened? 300 pages.
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