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  Potterhanworth Q Site

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Updated: 5 Dec 12

Opened: < Aug 1942

Closed: > Aug 1942

Airfield decoyed: RAF Waddington

English Heritage Site Reference: Q20A

Approximate location of site centre: BNG TF079667 (Streetmap)

Pastscape record:

The Potterhanworth Q site was a Second World War night-time bombing decoy that was built to deflect enemy bombing from RAF Waddington. It is located approximately 2 km east of Potterhanworth village on the farm land of the River Witham flood plain. RAF Waddington was also protected by a day / night decoy site at Gautby.

Q-sites operated at night and tried to lure the enemy with sets of lights arranged to look like a real operational airfield, set out over up to a mile and a half of countryside. Q sites generally had a night-time staff of two who would check lighting before dusk and await nightfall in a shelter. See further reading on dummy and decoy sites.

On 28 Aug 1941 a Hampden (AD917 KM-P) of RAF Waddington-based 44 Sqn crash landed at 1000 hrs onto the Potterhanworth decoy, on return from a night stop at Horsham St Faith following a mining operation. Two of the crew were killed, two injured. (Sgt BW Johnson and FS WH Saville injured, Sgts S Mallen and EA Windsor KIA)

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